At The Property Advisory, we make a commitment to our clients to take the best of care of their property portfolios. We thoroughly research the market and find quality investment grade properties. We then go one step further and manage these properties ourselves, meaning our clients feel safe in the knowledge their assets are maintained to the highest standards.

The properties are either solely owned or fractional / joint owned property investments for those looking to diversify their portfolio.

We recommend selected properties that deliver strong yields with minimum risk, or have a value-add opportunity to give a higher investment returns in the future.

Our respected relationships with industry leaders ensure we are offered first options for premium commercial, industrial and specific purpose investment properties. Over 80% of our acquisitions are off-market and are fundamentally safe investments for our clients.

We provide real estate advice for our clients to determine the most suitable opportunity, whether it be single assets, fractional, or portfolio investments.

What We Do

  • We are a Private Company, Operating and Investing in Real Estate and providing a range of services to manage our assets including Acquisition, Design, Development, Asset & Facility Management.
  • We source opportunities for our investors to participate in, and to create real estate portfolios that we actively manage to maximize the investment returns for our investors. Opportunities may be single assets, fractional investments or portfolio investments and range from ready to build developments to operating assets depending on the risk and return profile required by the investor.
  • When possible, we participate in assets with our investors to align interests and goals of the investments.

Our Team

We are a committed and dedicated team with a vast experience of Investment, Finance, Development, Asset Management & Facility Management. We bring a wealth of expertise in the real estate industry to serve the best service for your properties investment.

Our Strategy

We are constantly finding individual property opportunities off market for our registered investors, through our developed network of contacts Australia wide. This approach gives a huge advantage to our investors to buy well if they are interested in an individual property investment.

If you are interested in diversifying across a number of opportunities in order to increase safety and decrease risk, a fractional or joint owned investment would be a dynamic and safe option for you.

Fractional Investments / Joint Owned Investments allow the smaller / medium investor access to higher value investment grade property with superior leases. We have over 30 years of experience in putting together select like-minded people into exceptional fractional – joint investments, structured to be compliant for SMSF.


What our investors think

“I have been involved with TPA for over 11 Years and have over 27JV’s. They have been very professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy in all the due diligence done when offering their property investments. The investments produce consistent income with minimal time required from me!”

Henry Jaworski

I have been with TPA for four years and I have acquired three properties all have performed well and my first one has been re leased without loosing a single day ,I was very fortunate to acquire two more in Townsville , I have no hesitation in recommending TPA and the management team.

Barry Weaver

“We first invested with TPA in 2012 with a share in a syndicate, and now we are investing in more than a dozen syndicates through our SMSF and family trust. We find it very convenient as it requires very little effort from us, with monthly distribution, and even the tax return for each investment is done for us.”
Bing Ong Tan

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