5 Expert Tips for Property Investment in Australia 

Australian property investment can prove to be very rewarding, and like all financial decision making, it’s essential to approach building your investment portfolio with careful consideration and research.  

You may be looking to add a new industry sector to your current property portfolio or considering diversifying your investment into property management. 

Montville Project

We are excited to announce an important milestone in our growth. In December 2022, we made our first development acquisition, which comprises a mix of Soho and Townhouse Complexes in Montville, Queensland. This acquisition presents a unique opportunity to provide much-needed accommodation and commercial space in the last commercial site on the main street of Montville. 

Market Snapshot Q1 2023

Australia is still a popular place for international and domestic investment in the property sector. Australian property is expected to remain strong in 2023 with the industrial and residential sectors leading the tenant demand. Increased interest rates are being felt on a global basis and investors are looking for stable environments to invest in, which makes Australia a popular destination due to transparent government policies, population growth, infrastructure development, and demand for quality space.